Conference "Teaching for Learning"

On 20 January 2022, the University of Tartu holds the annual „Teaching for learning” conference for academic staff. This year, the topic of the conference is „The core of teaching in higher education”. Clearly, it is not possible to teach everything or learn everything at the university. Therefore, it is increasingly important to ask what is the core that needs to be taught and learned here. Or perhaps, the core question is how to teach and learn at the university to be able to reach or recognise the core later in life, in one’s profession and in the workplace. What is the core of teaching at the university that supports students’ learning?

The presentations and workshops of the conference discuss issues related to the core of teaching. The conference takes place on the Worksup platform. Registration is open until 18 January 2022.

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The University of Tartu has held the „Teaching for learning” conferences since 2015. The aim of those conferences is to learn from colleagues, exchange experiences and discuss teaching methodology, but also to inspire university teachers, to maintain their interest in learning and teaching.

The conference is organised by the Centre for Professional Development in cooperation with academic units.

Conference "Teaching for Learning"
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