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Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the University of Tartu is the leading research center for humanities in Estonia. We have a special responsibility in preserving and promoting national sciences as well as teaching languages and cultures of the world. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities hosts a large number of visiting lecturers from abroad to enrich the students' academic experience. By virtue of international links with many European universities has studying abroad become an integral part of our students' studies.



About the faculty

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Application is open for the scholarship for expatriate Estonian visiting professor. The scholarship fund aims to make sure that renowned researchers and teaching staff of Estonian descent who work in…
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On May 9th at 14:15, UT Department of Semiotics hosts a hybrid research discussion "Feelings, Actions, and Thoughts in the First Days of Full-Scale War in Ukraine". On 24 February, the Rus…
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This year the university’s orienteering month is dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the University of Tartu Library. All the control points on the orienteering route are in one way or another r…
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The three rector's scholarship competition took place already for the fifth time. Gabrielė Aputytė, a student of the Unversity of Vilnius, participated in the competition for the second time…