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Philosophicum Hall Gallery

The Hall Gallery aims to uphold the idea of the universitas, which connects different disciplines, and presents artistic creation from the university's employees, students and alumni.

Works are exhibited on the walls of the main stairwell on four floors. Exhibitions are usually open Mon-Fri 7.30-19.45 and Sat-Sun 8.00-18.00.


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    Toomas Kuusingu illustreeritud võrukeelse "Kalõvipoja" kaas

    Exhibition "Observations from Nature" by Maarja Nõmmik in Philosophicum Hall Gallery


    Exhibition "Observations from Nature" by Maarja Nõmmik is open for visitors in Philosophicum Hall Gallery from Monday, 3. October.

    When it comes to art, the author is most fascinated with its ability to find something important in almost anyone or anything. Art observes that which otherwise might go unnoticed, reflects the brightest, darkest and weirdest recesses of the soul, asks beautiful and painful questions alike. It can also glance at such times and places which do not yet exist or no longer exist. Or couldn’t exist at all.

    The current exhibition presents an assortment of observations, questions which the author has pondered through the years. One can find musings on what it means to be human or what is „real“ as well as abstract textures and patterns alongside studies of nature at the exhibition. Each floor contemplates a different theme, but in the end, all of them depict some facet of existence.

    Maarja Nõmmik has a degree in painting from the University of Tartu. Her MA project „Me-less“ was exhibited at Tartu Art Museum in 2016. Maarja has previously worked as an academic affairs specialist in the Department of Arts and Centre for Arts of the University of Tartu. She also taught sketching, self-portraiture and experimental painting at the centre.
    These days you can find Maarja at the dean’s office of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where she works as a secretary and curator of the Philosophicum Hall Gallery. She is also a freelance painter and illustrator and teaches short courses at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

    Maarja Nõmmiku maal "Moment nr 2"
    "Moment no 2" by Maarja Nõmmik

    „The Layout of the Holy Clementine“ - exhibition by Jaanus Eensalu in Philosophicum Hall Gallery


    The exhibition “The Layout of the Holy Clementine” by Jaanus Eensalu, an artist and lecturer at the Pallas College of Art, will be opened on 29 April at 17 in the Philosophicum Hall Gallery.

    One can find wordplay, visual play and colour play at the exhibition. There is humor in the paintings side by side with contemplations and thought-provoking stories. Those who delve into the paintings may recognize a few familiar episodes and ideas, which are connected to Tartu’s science, spiritual and cultural scene. However, the exhibition will not be lacking universal human moments that most of us can relate to.

    Jaanus Eensalu dedicates this exhibition to the School of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Tartu. He says: "The best and purest communication in the world is kindness. In its teaching and research, the School continues to value the classical approach, but also pays increasing attention to innovative and interdisciplinary directions. Against this backdrop, the School of Theology and Religious Studies is characterized by a personal approach and a homely atmosphere.

    Jaanus Eensalu is a painter, graphic designer and lecturer. He has mastered his creative education at the University of Tartu and the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. In the latter he is currently holding the position of Head of Department and Associate Professor. Jaanus Eensalu is a member of the Estonian Association of Graphic Designers and Tartu Artists´ Union. He has been exhibiting since 1971 and has also created a number of exhibition designs. He is a valued designer and media artist.

    Jaanus Eensalu, "The Layout of the Holy Clementine" (2019)
    Jaanus Eensalu "The layout of the Holy Clementine" (2019)

    An exhibition of imitation painting, masks and puppets from the students of UT's VIljandi Culture Academy.

    TÜ VKA tudengitööde näituse vaade

    Exhibition view, photo by Sander Mändoja

    A photo exhibition by Jaana Eigi-Watkin presenting the experience of the year 2020 through snapshots of two moments in each month.

    Jaana Eigi-Watkini foto "November"

    Jaana Eigi-Watkin "November"

    A photo exhibition by two Hebrew scholars explored different encounters in the language of images.

    Photo by Anu Põldsam

    Photo and video exhibition on the topic of the Estonian artist group Tallinnfilm Surrealists.

    A solo exhibition by French artist Jean Arnaud combined French and Estonian cultural and natural history. Part of the Response Events research-creation project.

    "To the Edge" by Jean Arnaud

    A landscape painting exhibition by associate professor of philosophy of science Endla Lõhkivi exhibited both traditional painting and digital painting.

    Painting by Endla Lõhkivi

    The exhibition of paintings by physicist and philosopher Madis Kõiv examined his works form the philosophical point of view.

    Madis Kõiv painting. Source: private collection

    Margit Sutrop's photos, inspired by the music of Arvo Pärt, searched for the extraordinary in ordinary situations.

    "Spiegel im Spiegel" by Margit Sutrop
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    TÜÜE vana juhatus ja uus juhatus ülikooli ees

    Student parliament elected the new student union board

    Kertu Liis Krigul loengut andmas

    Young researchers' three-minute thesis competition takes place on 28 September 

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    University of Tartu supports the work towards the market-readiness of research results with €300,000