Alumni get-together “Back to the university” | Programme of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities



Booking of rooms

If you want to book a university room for a meeting with your coursemates or friends, please contact the person shown in the table. 


Academic building and room Availability of rooms Room capacity Contact person 
Lossi 3–21810.0018.00 Marianne Liibert,
Lossi 3–22310.0018.00 Marianne Liibert,
Lossi 3–22910.0018.00 Marianne Liibert,
Lossi 3–22810.0018.00 Marianne Liibert,
Lossi 3–22710.0018.00 Marianne Liibert,
Ülikooli 18–22810.0018.0040Angela Aav,, 7375300
Ülikooli 18-02210.0018.0030Kätlin Jansons,
Jakobi 2-42810.0018.0042Andrea Nad,
Jakobi 2-10610.0018.00 Andrea Nad,
Jakobi 2-10310.0018.00 Andrea Nad,
Jakobi 2-42710.0018.0021Andrea Nad,
Jakobi 2-213 10.0018.0024Kätlin Jansons,
Jakobi 2-21710.0018.0028Kätlin Jansons,
Jakobi 2-22410.0018.0044Kätlin Jansons,
Jakobi 2-23010.00-12.00 ja 16.0018.0032Kätlin Jansons,