Andrea Rotenberg

University of Tartu guidelines for using ChatGPT are now available

The guidelines for using chatbots in teaching and studies provide general principles and specific instructions for students and academic staff.

Large language model-based chatbots, including ChatGPT, have changed the perception of text creation over the last year and led to a debate about how to learn and teach at the university, which skills are becoming obsolete, and what new skills are needed to keep up. As long as we teach and assess skills in which artificial intelligence chatbots are (at times seemingly) much faster and more successful than humans, we must also think of how to avoid academic fraud.

Therefore, in April 2023, a university working group developed the guidelines for using AI chatbots, on which university members could give feedback. Since the world and our understanding of it are evolving rapidly, the guidelines are a preliminary agreement that may be influenced, for example, by national restrictions arising from data protection.

The new guidelines include the university’s general principles for using AI chatbots. It also gives students and lecturers specific tips on using AI chatbots in teaching and studies and properly citing AI.

Read the guidelines for using ChatGPT. The document can also be found on the university's webpage “Organisation of studies” under “Legislation and documents”.

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