Internship opportunities for students in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Competitive higher education includes both theoretical knowledge and the ability to use what has been acquired during academic studies on the labor market. For many students, their first professional entry to the labor market is an internship they complete during their studies. An internship can (but does not have to) become the basis for a later career, but it can also turn out that you actually want to be professionally engaged somewhere else. In any case, internships are a necessary and important part of preparing for your future career.

We've put together some videos that will hopefully help you plan your internship experience better. You will find information on how to choose an internship, listen to the experiences of fellow students, as well as look at what our internship partners have to offer.

You can find more information about internship opportunities here.



Where to start and what options are there for internships?

Students sharing their experiences

What our partners have to offer


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Info session: Study abroad with Erasmus+ programme!

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