Internship in Estonia

These organizations offer internships to International students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Specific postings are provided according to organizations' possibilities and vary from year to year. Languages other than English are also welcome in most cultural organizations. Do not hesitate to contact them directly, describing your area of studies, previous experience and interests in a traineeship.

We also recommend contacting other Estonian organizations in your field directly - many of them welcome trainees even though they do not advertise it.

You can find all current internship offer in the UT student newsletter.

Internship contact at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Ms Lea Kivi,, +372 737 5306.


Internship opportunities

AIESEC in Tartu


Long term (3-18 months) and short term (6-12 weeks) international traineeships;

IT, languages, marketing and business management

European Commission


Translation (multiple languages)

Estonian History Museum


Traineeship in museums - collections, education, exhibition (multiple languages). 

Tartu German Cultural Institute


Cultural management (German-speaking students)

Tartu Art Museum

Traineeship offers

Translation, museums (multiple languages)

Estonian National Museum

Traineeship offers in English

Traineeship in the museum: surveys, translations, marketing,  events, collections, research work etc. (multiple languages)

National Archives of Estonia

Traineeship offers

Archival work (multiple languages)

University of Tartu museum

Traineeship offers

Translations, collections and communication (multiple languages)

Visit Tartu


Guiding, translation, editing, marketing and communication (multiple languages)

Tartu City Government


Cultural management, marketing and communication, translation (multiple languages)

Estonian Art Museum

Traineeship in museums - collections, education, exhibition (multiple languages).

Estonian Literary Museum

Mainly archival work

Estonian Theatre Agency



TYPA Centre

TYPA Centre for Print and Paper Arts invites students to carry out research projects based on the Centre's archives. TYPA Centre's collections are available on the online portal of Estonian museums.

Theatre Vanemuine


Kadri Voorand

Musician Kadri Voorand to be the new Professor of Liberal Arts at the University of Tartu


Career conference „To new hights with a PhD degree!“

Lõpetajad peahoone ees

Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Ceremony