Andero Kalju

Improve your Estonian in tandem learning

This spring semester, the Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics offers a Tandem Language Learning course (3 ECTS) that also welcomes international students and employees who want to learn Estonian. Students can register to the course (HVEE.05.028) in SIS. Staff members interested in the course should contact Ülle Niin ( or Andrea Nagy ( to register.

What is tandem language learning?

In tandem learning, language learners with different mother tongues form pairs. Each participant teaches their tandem partner their mother tongue and vice versa. One tandem partner (usually the international student or staff member) is expected to learn Estonian and teach his/her mother tongue which can be any other language.

How does it work?

Tandems are formed from the registered learners at the first meeting. It is also possible to find a language learning partner yourself and come to the course together. To participate in the course, learners must be able to speak their target language at a conversational level.

What language pairs are available?

The past years have shown that the variety of languages learners are interested in is wide, ranging from Russian to Chinese. Feel free to sign up and we will do our best to find you a suitable partner.

The course is full?

If the registration limit has already been reached, but you are interested in tandem language learning, contact the teacher Aive Mandel ( and we will try to find a suitable solution for you.


Courses and training events

During the studies, the doctoral student must acquire the necessary skills that support completing research work and professional development.

Language editing of doctoral students' articles

The faculty of arts and humanities support the language editing of articles connected with the dissertation.

Progress review dates

Progress review meetings take place twice a year: at the end of the autumn semester and at the end of the spring semester.